Our Services

VistaRealty offers end to end service and advisory relating to residential, commercial or land properties.

We offer our consulting and services at any point in the property ownership cycle – whether you are considering an investment in a property, or if you already own one, or you want to rent, sell or re-invest.

Real estate is a personal decision, and depending what you want out of it, we’ll help you get there. Whether you want a great place to live, or a long-term investment to secure your future, or maximum rental income right away, we’ll understand your goal and bring you the best options to achieve it.

We offer dedicated services for non-resident Indians (NRIs), with focus on transparent communication, site visits and on the ground updates.

Our services include:

Property Advisory

We’ll give you the right information, to make the right decision

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie in the property game, or already have a diverse real-estate portfolio. Our experienced team keeps itself abreast on the market and current trends to offer advice that helps you make the right investment decisions. We make sure you get the maximum return on your investment, from various options like buying, selling or renting.

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Property Management

Owning a property, or two, or even several, just got stress free

Remember when you thought that deciding which property to buy was the end of your troubles? Then your joy was overwhelmed by legal paperwork, loans, registration, and documentation.  Then came the headache of tenanting, and ongoing maintenance. Then you wanted to sell and re-invest, and the stress just started all over again. Remember how you wished there was a reliable team of professionals who understood what you wanted, to whom you could hand over all your problems? Well, you’ve just found them.

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Buying :Invest in residences with confidence and ease – from anywhere, anytime

We understand what you want and will bring you the properties that best suit your unique needs. We put you first, so our recommendations are unbiased – for example, we don’t work with any builder. We’ll be the front runners on the whole deal, from negotiation, to verification, legal clearances and registration. And we’ll celebrate with you when the deal is done.

Selling: We’ll find you a buyer - the best the market has to offer

We help you liquidate your real-estate investment whenever you want. We’ll find you a suitable, background-verified buyer, and take care of all the legwork, legal documentation, and registration.

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Tenancy Management

We’ll find the right tenant

Who isn’t particular about tenants? We will find you the ‘right fit’, matching your preferences and your tenant’s requirements. We also take care of all the paperwork, and take on maintenance for your tenant, and visit regularly to check on your property, so you can rest easy.

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We look after everything, and look out for you

Apart from general annual upkeep and security, we ensure that everything in your property from plumbing to electricals is in working condition. We schedule regular visits to inspect the property and will step in to upgrade, repair or replace.  Maintenance is a crucial factor in determining resale and rental value, so we always work hard to keep your property at it’s best. Whether the property is tenanted or not, we have an annual maintenance contract (AMC) which will bring you total peace of mind.

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Interiors that reflect you, at your budget

Our design team helps bring your uniqueaesthetic sensibility to life while making the best use of space and light within your property.  Once we’ve understood your vision, the architecture and design team works closely with our execution crew – painters, carpenters, landscapers, structural engineers – who then transform your property.

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Legal assistance

We’ve got partners who love legal documents

When it comes to paperwork, our relationship managers ensure that you have a smooth experience – property tax documentation, sale agreements, property verification, and legal paperwork related to public works department. We ensure that your tenancy and rental agreements are regularly updated, and that you get the right advice in complex situations.

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We’ll keep it simple, and take you out of the queues

It’s complicated. That’s the truth with many interactions that deal with government bodies and official activities that your must do properly for your property across the lifecycle of ownership – from buying to maintenance to re-sale and re-investment.  We can help simplify and manage any official liaison work, reducing the number of tasks on your list.

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Loans and financing

We help you with finance options

Whether it’s analyzing the hidden costs of financing before recommending the best one or arranging assistance from financial institutions at the most competitive rates, our finance team helps you overcome an important roadblock in the buying process. We will also take care of all the extensive paperwork involved.

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